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Immigration Law: Visas and Citizenship
Our firm is able to represent individuals and corporations in all areas of immigration law. Because immigration law is federal in nature, our firm can represent clients on immigration matters anywhere within or outside the U.S.

We offer legal services to those seeking to enter the United States on many different types of nonimmigrant visas such as:
  • B-1 visitors entering temporarily for business or B-2 visitors entering for pleasure;
  • Students entering on F-1 visas to pursue a full course of study at certain educational institutions;
  • Those seeking to qualify for H1B visas as professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent to work in certain positions that require their particular skills;
  • Registered nurses seeking entry on H1C visas;
  • Individuals coming to the U.S. through an approved exchange program on J-1 Exchange Visitor's visa, such as students, scholars, job trainees, faculty, professors and research scholars, specialists, medical residents and government visitors;
  • Fiancés of United States citizens who seek entry in order to then marry within 90 days of entry to the U.S.;
  • Executives, managers and specialized employees moving to their employer's U.S. affiliate sites on L-1 visas;
  • Students who wish to enter the United States on M-1 visas to attend vocational schools;
  • Foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, athletics, education, or business who seek entry on O-1 visa;
  • Athletes, artists, and entertainers who seek entry on P-1, P-2 or P-3 visas;
  • Religious workers including ordained clergy and those who have taken religious vows, as well as religious professionals such as choral directors and teachers of religion who seek entry on R visas.

Our firm also offers representation for individuals who seek to enter the United States on employment-based Immigrant visas such as:
  • Persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers and multinational executives and managers who seek entry in the EB1 first preference category;
  • Members of certain professions holding advanced degrees or aliens of exceptional abilities who seek entry in the EB2 category;
  • Skilled workers, professionals and other workers who seek entry in the EB3 category;
  • Certain “special immigrants” who seek entry in the EB4 category such as religious workers;
  • Alien investors in new commercial enterprises, who seek entry in the EB5 category, based on their creation of employment for at least ten individuals.

Our firm also offers representation for individuals who seek to enter the United States on family-based Immigrant visas such as:
  • United States citizens who are petitioning for parents, spouses, siblings, and children as well as lawful permanent residents (LPRs) who are petitioning for spouses and children. While there is no waiting list for “immediate relatives” of U.S. Citizens (unmarried children under 21, a spouse or a parent), relatives in certain “preference” categories are subject to limits on the number of visas that can be issued each year. The first preference is composed of unmarried sons or daughters over the age of 21 of U.S. citizens; the second preference is composed of spouses and unmarried children (under age 21) of lawful permanent residents (2A) and the unmarried sons and daughters over the age of 21 of lawful permanent residents (2B); the third preference is composed of the married sons and daughters of U.S. citizens; and the fourth preference is composed of brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens.

In addition, our firm has represented many individuals in their claims for asylum and withholding of removal; that is, those who seek the protection of the United States having suffered past persecution and/or because of their fear of future persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, membership in or identificatio

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